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Any suggestions to cure rattling doors ?

The front doors on '91 100 (5K or whatever) rattle as the car goes on rough
terrains.  Seems like a common problem with the body, owned an '85, '87 5K,
and both did the same to certain extend.

Any suggestions to cure the problem ?  I can feel the door moves as the car
goes over bumps and such.  Tried some silicone spray and talcum power on the
door seals, but they don't seem to do any good.  

Any suggestion for grease or spray of some sort on the seals ?  I can hear
the door/window frame squeaks as I press on the window frame.  The door
is a bit loose probably due to age.  Should I try reajust the door strike
thingy ??

Tak Cheung
'91 100, '92 Saab 9000S