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Some Friday morning stupidity...

>From the August 7, 1995 issue of "AutoWeek" magazine, p. 14:

"OUCH.  Another lesson for the kids:  A 34-year-old Alamo, Mich., man
was killed a few months ago trying to repair what police describe as
a 'farm-type dump truck.'  He got a friend to drive the truck on the
highway as he hung underneath trying to locate the source of a dis-
concerting noise.  But his clothes got caught on something, police
report, and he was found 'wrapped in the drive shaft.'"

OBLIGATORY AUDI REFERENCE: 1993 Audi (one-off) S4 Quattro "factory orig. 
Concept car" (?), only one in US, 17K mi, $34,950, 800-651-2834 (OR).