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Re: rear defogger and headlamps

On Wed, 23 Aug 1995, AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:

> > >If yours got aero-style headlamp (which you only need to replace the
> > >bulb), then there are those illegal-for-stree-use powerful-than-average
> > >replacement bulbs available. Let's face it, some of those aero lamps on
> > >today's cars (various manufacturers on various models) have terrible
> > >desgins that really couldn't cut the bread.
> > >
> > >I found J. C. Whitney has the lowest price on those bulbs (almost all of
> > >those kinds came from Korea).
> >
> > Yeah.... but you better run them off relays and not the stock wiring
> > harness.
> Heed his advice: I burned out both headlight sockets and a portion of the
> wiring harness in less than 6 mos. using a pair of these bulbs.  They ARE
> an improvement over the stock bulbs..... [snip]

If anyone's interested, I bought a pair of 80W/100W 9004's and an upgraded
wiring harness (with relays) from Competition Limited, then sold my Coupe GT
before I had the opportunity to install anything.  I paid $67 with shipping;
I'd be willing to sell the kit (& kaboodle) for $45-50.  The bulbs are very
typical hi-watt bulbs (disclaimer: "for off-road use only" ;-) and the harness
is designed to trigger the relays off one of the two factory bulb sockets 
(note that this won't work properly in the later-model cars with the "head-
light check" diagnostics.  All is brand-spanking new.

						Chris Idleman