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rear defogger and headlamps

>I know you hate to admit it but winter is coming.
>All this talk about antennea that are hidden in the defogger wires got me to
>thinking that my rear defogger doesn't work.  Only the center wire heats up
>giving me a less than uesful viewport.  Any ideas on how to correct this.

If you look carefully can you tell if the wires that don't work have 
scratches on them ?  If yes than you may be able to go to your local
Auto Parts Store and buy some ....... geez what do you call that stuff
Anyway ?  Well it's a conductive pasty kinda stuff.... You get a little
template, a brush, and a bottle of silver conductive paint.  Basically 
you just paint in the mising parts of the wire.  Did this on an 84 baaS
900 and it worked great!!

Mike L.