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Re: rear defogger and headlamps

>Sorry about the car. But how'd you get the light assembly apart. I though
>those damn things were sealed. I just wanted to get inside and clean the
>inside of the damn foggy glass. I've got my Windex bottle all warmed up.
>Ernest Wong

Been there Ernest,  One of my lights had a crack in it, and it developed
the fog you mentioned.  I sealed the crack with expoxy.  But first I took
the light assembly off and put it in my oven at 175f for about 20-25
minutes.  This dried everything out, then i brushed expoxy on the crack.
The fact that the light was almost too hot to touch made the epoxy thin
out and smooth itself out real nice on the light.  Unless you looked
closely you wouldn't even now it was there.  Until about 3 weeks later
I noticed the expoxy started to yellow......D**N!  I ended up going to
the Boneyard and getting another assembly... $100.- ouch!  But no yellow
streak accross the light anymore :-)

Mike L,
89 100 Sedan(with new light)
89 100 Wagon