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Campbell Nelson AutoWrecking

        Anyone ever have problems with these guys?  They are in Edmonds
Washington .  I ordered a tail light lense and asked that it be shipped
second day.  My quattro needed a lense so that it would pass state
inspection.  The gentleman (Chuck) said no problem.  I ordered it on the
15th of this month.    Here it is the 22nd and still no lense. I called and
they fessed up that they sent it UPS ground.  All the while the Quattro is
without state inspection. Normally I can accept it when things happen, but
when a person on the other end of the phone wants to argue with me about
how I didn't specify 2nd day...@$%&^*&*&*&.  Thats about as nice as I can
put it.  Next time I'll take my business elswere.  nuff said.

PS in all fairness after 4 phone calls I got "ED" on the phone who was very
apologetic and did "try" to help.

( I guess I can go sit in the car and play the radio...)