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Re: OBDC & Antenna

>>Another is to check the leads.  Mike LaRosa has two 89's, and one of 
>>them has separate AM and FM antenna connections - evidently like some 
>>other models mentioned today.  He says the rear glass has the AM 
>>antenna, and he recommends checking to make sure it's intact and 
>About this time (late 80s), many stereo vendors came out with a "Dual
>Diversity" antenna system--you hooked up two different antennae to the
>stereo, and the stereo would choose the better signal between the two.  I
>don't know if this was for FM only or both AM & FM, and I don't know if the
>Audi/Bose used this system.
>I've never looked at the stereo in my '91 200 so can't report on it.  

In the rear of the Delta radio there are the 2 antenna ports.  
The top Black port has a Black sticker that says FM and the 
White port has White sticker that say's AM.

Mike L,