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83 TQC Turtling

     I need guidance, Saturday afternoon was very pleasant in these parts,
     so I fire up the Quattro for an errand run. Thirty minutes into the 
     dash about town and 15 miles from home I experience serious flame out.
     No forewarning, no nothing, the car is completely dead with the 
     exception of the radio. I manage to pull into a parking lot and start 
     to look for a blown fuse, burnt wire, anything - everything looks 
     good. For lack of knowing what else to do I try the ignition, bingo, 
     we have all five cylinders back as well as a knot in the stomach. I 
     make a beeline for home and do get closer. The fire goes out again on 
     HWY 17 So.& I coast off the HWY on to city streets and proceed to go 
     through the look for something wrong routine, again zero visual 
     defects. The length of stay is longer this time (15 min), several 
     attempts do engage the starter and the TQC comes to life only to die 
     quickly. Anyway, I finally get it running and pointed towards home and 
     I notice one of the relays in the glove box is cycling with the 
     frequency of the turn indicators. I made it home this time. I didn't 
     get a chance to poke around on the problem yesterday, but would like 
     to get my ducks in a row prior to blindly going where I haven't gone 
     before.   Any similar experiences to draw from guys & gals.          
     83 TQC (Prima Donna)
     82 Coupe GT