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Re: Was Thermostats, now Oil coolers.... :-)

>Jason Douglas writes about oil coolers:
>>without drilling, cutting, etc.  You run lines from the adaptor to 
>>cooler you mount in the air stream (in front of the engine or the 
>>radiator).  Some versions of this hardware let you mount the oil filter 
>The factory has a nifty location for the '91 200q 20v oil cooler:  low, up
>front, passenger side (well below the headlight)  Ducting from the
>below-bumper outboard grill leads directly to the cooler.  this keeps the
>heat extracted from the oil out of the radiator air stream.  plus:  very
>short lines to the oil filter adapter from here.

The 89 100 also has the same setup.........

Mike L.