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Re: rear defogger and headlamps

o >> My other winter headache is insufficient illumination from the headlamps.
o >> Are bigger wattage bulbs available? practical? dangerous?  Anyone else
o >> troubled by outdriving their headlamps?

Yes.  The least expensive source I have found is J.C.Witless (oops - 
that's Whitney).  They have 100/80 watt (hi/low) and 100/55 9004 lamps.  
You will find that they produce noticeably brighter lights for you - 
still not good, but better - *until* they burn up your 9004 sockets and/or 
wiring.  Been there - done that.  Take my word for it.  Don't.

Instead, get yourself some decent driving and/or fog lamps and wire them 
in with relays and fuses and heavy wiring.  Activate the relay for the 
driving lights using the signal from the high beams and the fogs from 
the parking lights.  I have mine wired through a spdt switch which allows 
me to use the fog lights either separately or in conjunction with the 
high beams.  The dimmer switch can then run the whole shebang.

An alternative is to spend the extra bucks (many of 'em) and do the euro 
light conversion so frequently discussed here.

Good luck.

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