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86 5000s Electrical Problem...Solved

To refresh your memory, this is in reference to the problem I had with 
the brake lights and the auto shift mechanism in my fiances 86 5ks.  
Several people sugested that I examine the wires leading to the tail 
lights.  I checked the wires, switches, relays, etc.  I must have spent 
8-10 hours trying to find the problem.  I finally gave in and took it 
to the guy who tunes my OOOOWWW-D race car.  After 6 hours he found the 
problem.  It had the wrong bulb in the left rear tail assembly!  I 
can't beleive it!

Apparantly the previous owner had put in a single element bulb instead 
of a dual element.  My shop said this caused the brake and lighting 
system to short with one another.  Anyway, the problem is solved.  If 
any of you have a similar problem with an Audi you recently bought, I 
hope you remember this so you won't have to go through all the 
aggrevation that I went through.

Steve Verona