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It has been a couple of weeks since the last post.  I have not made any 
more changes to the car, although some are scheduled for this week.

It was 98 and humid on Sunday and there were 96 other crazy people who 
decided to race in Columbus.  Robert Phillips drove down from Akron and 
we finally got to meet.  He is a real nice guy.  Guess what...we talked 
about Audi's.

Most of the cars were lapping in the 41 to 47 second bracket.  Robert 
ran times in the high 41s in his D Street Prepared 4000ss.  There were 
only about a dozen cars capable of breaking the 40 second 
barrier...mainly new z28s, corvettes, mustangs, and modified cars.  Oh 
yeah, and my OOOOWWW-D.  Much to everyone's surprise, I turned a fast 
lap of 39.3 in my little old H stock car.  IT WAS GREAT!!!

The car ran flawlessly with 48 lbs. in the front tires and 46 in the 
rear.  Unfortunately, I corded another front tire just like the last 
time. I have already put in my calls to BFG to find out what the 
problem is.  The tires are not flat spotted and the temps were not high 
enough to blister.  There is definately a problem with the tires.  The 
"veterans" said it looked like I was running under 20 lbs from the way 
the tire was chunking.  When I told them what the pressure really was, 
they could not understand it at all.  Does anybody have any ideas?

Steven Verona
Goin to the Nats!