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RE: Differential Lock Mod

Dave Lawson wrote: [excerpted]
> I have seen a couple of different diff lock mods implemented
> on TQCs. With the lack of instrumentation on this model and
> the relatively large chuck of real estate used in the center
> console for just a plunger and 2 lights, it's just begging to be
> changed. Here are the various mods I have seen:
>>>> snip <<<<
>  -install the 3 gauge plastic panel in place of the diff lock panel
> and install the plunger in one of the gauge positions. This
> makes room for 2 gauges to be installed.
A week or two ago I posted a note on the way I fit 2 gauges, the diff 
lock switch and lights as well as charging system status LEDs in the 
place of the diff lock switch/display originally in the console.  It 
seems to me that since the detents for the diff lock switch are in the 
panel it might be difficult to have the switch operate correctly if it 
were mounted in the middle of a simple hole.  That is why I chose to
purchase a stock replacement panel and cut the holes for the gauges in
that.  There is plenty of room above the switch for the diff locked 

Someone else posted a note stating that it was possible to relocate the 
diff lock switch and lights below the steering column.  On my car I 
don't think the vacuum lines would be long enough to do so, and I am 
positive that the wires to the diff lock lights would be too short.  Of 
course, both of these problems can be remedied with a little wire and 
some vacuum line.  

Steve Buchholz