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Re: Differential Lock Mod

i know that with my ur-q ('85) i discussed with various people the feasability
of fitting the torsen diff to it.  i was looking to do this at the same time as
uprating the engine, but ended up doing neither and trading it on my s2.

the torsen is a much better option than the old manual diff locks as it re-acts
*very* quickly and makes the car a lot less under-steery than the non-torsen
model with the centre diff locked. this is also noticable on the 20v u-q torsen
model as well as on the s2.

mind you my s2 didn't compare for feel with the 20v ur-q i drove for a while
until i uprated the tyres to 225/50's. the s2 is an entirely different car with
higher levels of steering feel (still not a communicative as the 20v ur-q) and
*much* better turn-in. braking and road-holding has also improved of course.
i'm running yoko avs's.

anyway someone out there has propbaly investigated the torsen diff mod...

by the way, while i'm writing this, it seems that there are rs2 kits available
for s2/s4 models. are these avilable from audisport? has anyone fitted them,
and can tell me what the various options are?