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RE: Differential Lock Mod


I have seen a couple of different diff lock mods implemented
on TQCs. With the lack of instrumentation on this model and
the relatively large chuck of real estate used in the center
console for just a plunger and 2 lights, it's just begging to be
changed. Here are the various mods I have seen:

 -Like Chris described, move the plunger to the lower drivers
dash and install the 3 gauge panel in its place in the center

 -move one of the diff lock lights to the other side of the panel
so the lights are placed over each other. This makes enough
room for 1 gauge to placed in the panel next to the plunger.

 -install the 3 gauge plastic panel in place of the diff lock panel
and install the plunger in one of the gauge positions. This
makes room for 2 gauges to be installed.

 -same as above but the owner used the rotary diff lock from
a later 4000q in one of the gauge holes.

 - 2 gauges placed to the left of the steering wheel in the small
open glove box in the lower dash.

 -the owner removed the old diff lock panel and fit in the
complete LED diff lock panel from an 85 4000q complete
with rotary diff lockknob and LED bargraphs. Took a bit of
work but looked pretty slick.

 -haven't seen this one yet or heard a detailed description, but
a 5000q diff lock panel with rotary knob is used. Not sure where
it is placed, but sounds interesting. I will pass along more when I
hear it.

If anyone has seen extra gauges added to the 85-87 style dash
in the ur-quattro and 4000q, I would like to hear about how it was
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com