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Air leak (88, audi 90)

A while back my car (1988, audi 90 fwd, 5speed) suffered from surging idle 
eventually I traced to the idle stabilizer unit.  For the past couple of 
I am driving the car with electrical connection to this unit
disconnected.  The most noticeable symptom was that with AC on
the idle was uncomfortably low...

Anyways last weekend while changing  the oil, I decided to take the unit out
and clean it hoping I would get rid of this problem cheaply.  I sprayed 
amount of gunk  in two orifices and let it sit for an hour or so.  While
trying to install the unit, I managed to push on a vacuum tube which in turn 

broke a three way plastic piece (for a lack of better word).  which has 
vacuum connection (two ~1inch diam & 1 ~0.25 inch diam).  Needless
to say the car would not start...  This morning I picked up the replacement
part and with everything correctly (so he says!!) put back together I 
managed to
start the car only once.  I ran it at about 2K rpm for a minute or two. 
the car would not hold idle and refused to start with or without electrical
connection to the idle stablizer unit.  Periodically I would clean the spark
plugs to make sure they were not flooded.

At this point  I have no problem replacing the stabilizer unit.  However
I have a hard time believing that a "simple" spraying would do this
much damage.  Was wondering if you guys have any suggestions....