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RE: 90Q20V Idle

I am fighting  the same problem with my car (88, 1990 fwd).  Mine gets worse 
as the car heats up.  At expense of rough cold idle I noticed disconnecting
the wires from idle stabilizer unit eliminates this problem.  The stabilizer 
located in front of engine on the left side of top timing belt cover.  Two 
attach to this aside from the  electrical connection.  If this help that 
means either
the  stabilizer is sticking and giving you extra air or computer signal is
incorrect (highly unlikely) or you have a vacuum leak in the bypass circuit. 

Good luck,

> From: pgt
> To: Quattro
> Subject: 90Q20V Idle
> Date: Friday, August 18, 1995 2:27PM
> I just got a '90 90Q20V. The car drives great, but I have a question for
> those of you who may have one of these. Between shifts the RPMs seem to 
> a little high for a little while instead of returning immediately to idle
> speed. Is this common?
> Thanks.
> Peter Tracy
> ptracy@keps.com