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Differential Lock Mod

I've gotten a couple of requests to describe the modifications that the
Anderson Bros and others had on their TQC Diff lock panels so here goes....

The traditional early pull style diff lock had been relocated to a position
below the ignition key. The lower panel below the column has a recessed
section in that area about 3inches square. It's only recessed about .5in, but
lookes like it might've had a use in some other market. The original diff
panel was sacrificed for this mod but I think it could also be done without
harming the panel if one could live without the graphics. Anyway, the plunger
was positioned in the middle of this "panel" on the lower column shield and
the diff lock lights were relocated diagonally around the plunger. Most of
the examples I saw had the graphics transplanted also. This was done by
removing the original diff panel and cutting the decals with a knife/razor to
fit the new location. The result was a nearly factory install that Kent
Anderson said needed no wiring/vacuum line extensions. The only holes needed
would be cut in the nearly worthless lower column shroud. If one needed to go
back to stock, another shroud could be pirated off any early 4000 series. 

So why go to the trouble? Well, the exposed hole in your centre console is
the same shape as the three gauge panel found in many coupes and some 4000s.
Personal preference on the gauges? Perhaps boost, oil temp, EGT? I liked the
idea of gaining gauge space with zero cash outlay.  Another side benefit is
that the diff lock is now obscured by the steering wheel when looking in
through the driver's window. I had to sit in the Anderson's car before I
realized where they'd moved it to! It does fall readily to hand if needed,
but I wondered if there might be a clearance problem for any six-footers out

I think I'll try this out on one of my '84 4000qs before altering the TQC.
Also, I know Mike Davis has a slightly different version of this mod on his
Eurospec TQC. Perhaps we could beg him to spill it?

For those of you that this mod is applicable to, I'm sure a quick look at
your interior will make this trick much more apparent than I could write it! 

-Chris Semple