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Re: one light on DIFFS

Bob D'Amato wrote: [excerpted]
> On my 83 TQC, when I pull out the diff lock, (Which BTW has only one 
> position??) only one light lights... is this normal? I cant imagine, 
> otherwise why the other light? If not, it sure feels locked up when 
> engaged.. How can I tell if its working properly?
On the '83 QTCs there is only one locking position, both on.  When you
pull the switch out both lights should eventually go on.  I had a 
similar problem to the one you describe (I *think* it was the rear diff
that wasn't lighting), and found that there is a ground connection 
(brown wire) that connects to the the negative terminal of the battery.
This wire was not connected and turned out to be the return for the 
diff lock light.

I bought the two position switch and ran two vacuum lines back to the
rear diff which means that I can now lock center only or both.  The
plumbing diagram is in the Bentley ...

Steve Buchholz