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Re: Boge Source

> Seems that the general consensus here recommends Boge Pro gas or Boge
> Turbo Gas shocks for my 90 20V. I guess all I need now is to know the
> difference between the two, and a good source to buy them. What should I
> expect to pay for a set of fronts?

I just replaced my fronts with Turbo Gas struts. Bought them from RD Enterprises
out in CA. I paid around $65-70 a piece for them (I actually bought front and
rears and can't remember the breakdown). RD had the best prices I could find.
They have them drop shipped from the Boge warehouse, which just happens to be
in Atlanta about five miles from my home, so shipping was a pittance :).

The Turbo Gas gives a firmer ride than the OEMs, just right for a daily commuter
If you plan to drive hard, the Pro Gas will probably be a better choice.