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Re: Boge Source

Robert Phillips writes:

>On Mon, 7 Aug 1995, Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:
>> Some people thought they were a little too stiff, so Boge introduced the
>> Pro Gas, which are quite similar, but just a tad less harsh. I think they
>> are both excellent shocks, and you'd be happy with either.
>> If you really want to get the *best* handling, use the Turbo. If you
>> want a slightly better ride for the wife and kids, get the Pro.
>I respectfully disagree.  I thought that it was exactly the opposite.  
>Maybe you and the cat have gotten your whiskers crossed?
>TurboGas= not as stiff

The folks at RD Enterprises explained it to me this way for an A2 Jetta:

ProGas:  a two-stage shock with the initial setting softer 
    than TurboGas (close to OE) but then close to TurboGas 
    as you push it more.  $180/set
TurboGas:  a single-stage shock, stiffer than OE.  
    very popular w/ stiffer, lower springs $140/set
OE Automatic:  as the name implies...gains you nothing
    for some reason...$200/set

They also commented that Tokico & KYB don't seem to do as well in
strut-suspensions (too stiff, harsh), but do quite well in the multi-link or
SLA suspensions (like her Honda). In my experience, I have to agree--the
Tokico HPs in the Honda are great, but years ago, the KYB Gas-a-just in the
4000 were awful--too much shock, not enough spring, or something like that.

Linus Toy