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Audi throttle lag

Been reading this month's Automobile mag. In the article about the new A6
wagon they were puttering around in, the testers mentioned that the A6 is
now much peppier than the 100 it replaces. Same engine. Practically the
same chassis.

Audi's explaination for this is that Audi used to use a proportional
throttle linkage. As in the first 30mm of throttle pedal travel netted only
abou 30% of throttle opening. After analyzing many other cars sold in the
US, Audi engineers found that some of the cars gave as much 60% throttle
opening at the 30mm throttle pedal travel mark.
So Audi made the linkage more aggressive by 16% at the 30mm travel mark,
and threw in a shorter final ratio in the auto tranny box. The auto box has
been recalibrated to give better torque converter lockup for acceleration.
The 2.8l V6 now is peppier in feel though it still gives the same 0-60
times and fuel mileage.

I guess I have to recalibrate my right foot to compensate in the same way.
But I don't think this will help the TQC folks who still have to wait for
turbo spool-up. Though with less agony than the 1st gen. ehcroP Turbo white
knuckled drivers. Heard left foot braking is the only cure for them.

I'm done ranting. Wonder if the Schaumberg t-body will make the A-6 vroom
any faster. Hmmm!

Ernest Wong