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Re: CD players

I haven't followed this too closely, so I don't know if it was alreay covered
or not, but...  Why not just buy an aftermarket changer designed to run through
your car stereo?  I have this setup in my Scout and it works beautifully.  I
have a Blaupunkt cassette receiver in there that I love, but I wanted a CD
player also.  I bought a Pioneer six disc changer (think they are ten now) that
came with a box that broadcasts the CD signal to your radio.  You simply tune
your radio in to whatever the FM frequency is (I can't remember, haven't driven
the truck since February, but there are two frequencies to chose from.)  The
only thing that is not mounted behind the dash or in the trunk (center console
in the Scout) is the remote for the changer, which is about two inches square
and a half inch thick.  When I bought it I was a bit skeptical about the sound
quality of a radio broadcast deal like this, but it sounds BEAUTIFULL.  And I
have three amps, two electronic crossovers, an equalizer and a boat-load of
speakers, so you can definately tell good sound from bad sound (Dad says it
sounds terrible when I have Pearl Jam in there, but not a word if I pop in

87 5000CS TQ
84 5000S (2,000 miles away and a mile high)