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Radiator, Etc.- Cooler is not better

>>It is my understanding that a cooler running engine is not necessarily
desirable.  For example, if an engine is running cooler than normal, gas
mileage will suffer.


I tend to aggree but, isn't that why there is a thermostat?  I guess
my orginal statement was vague in that I really ment that the temp
guage regestered about (visually) 20% lower.  I'm sure you will agree
that on a cool day the guage registers a bit past the first hash mark
on the guage.  As the ambient temp rises and/or the load on the engine
increases the guage climbes above the half way point (stock radaitor)
and usually stays in this range.  I'm sure that the Tstat is way past
its opening temp, which is the normal operating temp, for optimum 
mileage as designed by the guys in bier town.  The condition I am 
witnessing is a lower high operating temp not a lower normal temp 
(as described above on cool days).  We all know these cars run HOT.
I would be willing to bet that what is observed as the normal temp on
the guage is 10, 15, maybe even 20+ degrees hotter than the Tstat set
temp. The Tstat is designed to keep the engine at a certin temp as it
closes to keep the coolant from going to the radaitor if the coolant
becomes too cool. 

 Heat kills and the reduction I am describing IS a good thing.


ps. good call as others were probably caught in the vagueness