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Re: Re[2]: Radiator, Etc.

 Tom asks:
 >How has your mileage been since you installed it? Running 20% cooler 
 >is only better if it was running 20% too hot originally (IMHO)

  Most noticeably is the temp guage no longer hovers at the normal
  place, a bit past the half way point.  It stays below the half way
  point by a good bit.  I asked my mechanic about the 'cooler'
  difference and he explaned that the two stage keeps the engine at
  the proper temp.  The radiator is a better heat conductor as the
  fan comes on at a lower temp and stays on longer than before.  Also
  when it is real hot out, +95, the third stage of the fan speed
  cycles more ofter and again at a lower temp than what one would call
  normal.  I've always thought Audi's ran too hot, as a general
  statement, on warm/hot days.  Consumer Reports always hit them hard 
  in this catagory on every report I've ever read on the 5000's.

  In short, I would recommend that any one of you out there with a 
  plastic cooler under the hood consider the metal replacement when
  things start to crack and leak.  

  Oh yes, the milage part, I've not noticed any 'round town difference
  but, on the highway I seem to be getting about 2 more per gallon. 

  The car is an 84 5000s Turbo with 200,000+ on the clock and I just 
  had the trans replaced for the first time at 184,000 and am on my
  second set of replacement shocks, 5th steering pump and soon to be
  second replacement of the rack.