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RE:Radiator, Etc.

>>Gene LeDuc politely inquired...
>>I have already had to repair the radiator, it leaked around 
>>the hose and overflow fitting located near the top of the radiator.

>Al Powell said;
>This end cap can be replaced by a radiator shop that knows what it's 
>doing.  Don't accept an answer that it can't be done - I've had it 
>done in Austin, TX at Rupp Radiator.  That's your ONLY long-term 
>solution, so get ready to do it.

Not so, unless you want to stick with the plastic/aluminum radiator.
After market radiators, made completely of copper (what a concept!),
are now available.  I had one installed in my 84 5KST and it works
just great.  The most amazing thing is, the engine runs about 20%
cooler.  The cost is about 250 and it looks just like the orginal.

As for the shakey front end, try the upper strut mounts.  You'll need
to get it aligned if you replace these.