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Re[2]: Radiator, Etc.

     John said:
     > Not so, unless you want to stick with the plastic/aluminum radiator. 
     > After market radiators, made completely of copper (what a concept!), 
     > are now available.  I had one installed in my 84 5KST and it works
     > just great.  The most amazing thing is, the engine runs about 20% 
     > cooler.  The cost is about 250 and it looks just like the orginal.
     How has your mileage been since you installed it? Running 20% cooler 
     is only better if it was running 20% too hot originally (IMHO). 
     Doesn't the theory go that the car will run a rich mixture in an 
     attempt to get up to operating temp - as in a start up condition? 
     Hence the problem with a stuck-open thermostat. Running *too* cool all 
     the time can doink your MPG (allegedly).
     Tom Higgins
     90 100