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Re: QCUSA: Northwest Region QCUSA Meeting

Bob D'Amato writes:

>Dont want to discourage you or anything... but...  All they requre of you 
>is $$$.. Iv found them to be a bunch of people who dont want to bring 
>their cars past 3000 rpm, and dont want to scratch their paint. 

wow.  i musta been smokin' something.  My speedo showed 125 mph at the end of
the front straight, 115 at the end of the back straight at the QCUSA Portland
event last year.  Mighta hit 130+ but for that *&^%$ "Festival" chicane they
put in there.  heard they dumped it this year--I missed :(   did my speedo

>There really arent a whole lot of alternatives though for the quattrophile.

join other car clubs--the bmw clubs (aca or cca) seem receptive to other
marques, and at least in Puget Sound, they're quite track-active..