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Re: 5000 brake mods contemplated

[with some reassembly of a couple comments]

>> How do the Repco's compare to the Pagids, and how much 
>The Pagids work great although they are very expensive (Right Scott?)  The

I'll second that on the Pagids.  Work great on my '91 200, VERY expensive (i
paid the same as stock dealer stuff; does anyone have a good source for
these?), and NOISY.  One other thing--like race brakes, they need to be
properly bedded in (from extra-legal speed).

My experience w/ Repco pads was on a Rabbit and my 4kcsq.  I chose them based
on cost--less than dealer, and I wasn't willing to buy the Grand
Auto/Kragen/etc stuff.  They performed fine--but these were lighter cars and
I never pushed them (no track time) as hard as I push my '91--I put 60k on
the set on my 4kcsq, and they looked like about 40-50% remaining when I
traded..  They "dust" less than factory or Pagids, and the small amount they
did give off was much easier to clean up than factory or the Pagds. 

>>>difference do the SS/teflon lines make?
>>The SS/teflon lines just prevent hose flex, and increase pedal feel.
>I once asked one of the local shops (one of the two that I actually
>trust as competent [they even have their own dyno, but its only for
>those silly 2WD riffraff like Porsches], and they strongly recommended
>against SS/Teflon for "street" cars. Damn if I can remember their
>reasoning ("in our experience, we've found...") though. I kinda think
>it was something like they were too brittle and didn't stand up to
>long-term street conditions (like -20F winters...), although they were
>great on the track, and did improve "feel".

This is almost exactly the same comment Bruce Anderson makes in the recent
issue of Panorama (PCA monthly).  something to the effect that in a race car,
they're great because the car sees constant/regular maintenance (tear
down/rebuild) whereas on a street car, not as frequent a maintenance cycle.
 Someone also mentioned that stainless/teflon lines are not DOT
approved--I've been told that Russel makes a DOT approved hose--it's the
fittings that are the issue.

FWIW, my 2 pennies.
Linus Toy