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Re: 5000 brake mods contemplated

Linus said:
 Someone also mentioned that stainless/teflon lines are not DOT
approved--I've been told that Russel makes a DOT approved hose--it's the
fittings that are the issue.

Hope I don't offend anyone with this not-so-humble opinion,
but Russel stuff is crap. I had the misfortune of using it once.
Not on my race car (a Formual Vee, in case anyone is interested),
but on a no-pressure hydraulic fluid reservior for my press.
The fittings are such a mickey mouse design they get bent all
to shit during assembly. To my amazement, the line only leaks
a little.

Use Earl's or Aeroquip, or get a competent hydraulics shop to
make up some industrial quality line.

Eric T.     86 5kS