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Re: feul consump

Myke456 writes:

>I purchased new in 87, my 5K TQ, averaged 20 mpg up till about 100,000 mi,
>then the milage went to about 24 mpg. I now have 188,000 great mi and
>27mpg(!?!?!?). Don't know why or how, but I'm enjoying it. (All measured
>without A/C)

How are you measuring your mileage?  Is this an individual tank reading or
the average of several tanks over time?  Lots of variables here
too--synthetic oil (don't start another thread here!), wheel alignment,  tire
pressures, recent tune-up or other work, how much are you carrying?  DRIVING

Are you using the trip computer? In my '87 4kcsq, the trip computer was
always 20-30% optimistic--reporting 30-35mpg when I was really getting 25 on
the highway.  The one in my '91 is much closer to reality--computed by
odometer reading/fuel pump reading, but ...

we're still limited to the accuracy of two instruments we do not control or
calibrate ourselves--the odometer and the fuel pump.  There's a manufacturing
tolerance allowed in speedometer/odometers (discussed here before).  I trust
the fuel pump a bit more than the odometer, if only because local officials
check them every year, otoh, that's not saying much in some cities, so maybe
i shouldn't trust that one either ;)

another 2 pennies.