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Thermo part #'s

I know Dave Lawson posted em..... and Glen Powell has too....  Yo guys.....
 Oops found em.....  Ok per Dave L (4-20-95) here you go:

035-121-113        80C thermostat
035-121-113B      87C thermostat

The Fan switch choices are as follows:

AUDI PN             APP

321-959-481E     2-pin  95-84C
823-959-481D     2-pin  82-77C
823-959-481E     2 pin  70-75C
823-959-481F     2-pin  92-87C
811-959-481       2-pin  95-90C  (86-87 coupe)
321-959-481       3-pin  93-88C/85-80C
321-959-481D    3-pin  102-91C/95-84C


BTW, I found a oil thermo in my pieces parts bin that is a 83C thermo, but I
don;t know the app, anyone help on this?  It is an easy swap, but this one
was off my Rally car.....