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Re: upgrading brakes...

I have run the Stock Pads the Metal Masters the Pagid Racing Blues and the
Cool Carbons on the Qship.....  I was most happy with the stopping power of
the Pagids, but they do tend to eat the front rotors on a much too regular
basis.....  The metal masters was 2 years ago, and I found that they do earn
their reputation as "slagmasters" for their uncanny ability to put parts of
the pad on the rotor then dragging a neat canyon into said rotors......  I
will freely admit that I expect more and rely more on the stopping power of
my brakes than most might, since I cetainly subscribe to the theory that a
car with hi hp needs hi hp braking.......

So.....  I currently run the Cool Carbons/drilled rotors in the front SS
lines all round (and no, I don't subscribe to the heat cycle in the winter
thing to those lines, at least no sooner than the stock rubber needs
attention) and my precious Pagids in the rear......  

As STEADIRIC pointed out, the biggest advantage to the CC is the ceramic
barrier, in fact I actually had smoke fade coming off the CC's on one of my
bonzai runs, and within about a half mile the pads came back with no warp on
the rotor, tho if the pagids had the ceramic barrier I would get another set
their blues......  The CC are a good compromise to the race compound of the
pagids, but the rear bias (accidently on purpose) dialed in by running the
CC-fr/Pagid Blue-rr is definitely nice.....  The price on the pagids is,
well, um, ok, totally outrageous compared to the CC's.......  The CC's are
definitely the best allround pads for the price......  Then again, maybe
sometime soon someone might figgr out a nice cross reference to some other
car to up the baseline ante.....  Hello Eric and Jeff......  <:~)

CC:  87 5ktqRS2