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Re: Audi Coupe Questions: To buy?

> I've been looking after work each evening this week, and am 
> disappointed in the whole automobile world in general.  There are 
> >NO< options out there for all-wheel drive (Unless I want a mini-
> van... <GAG>).
> I by-passed all of the American motor companines, since there is 
> nothing there that even inspires me at all.  And most of the current 
> Japanese market is lackluster.  I don't have enough money for a new 
> Audi, BMW, or Mercedes.  

No kidding! I must say Americans (hey -- that's us!!) are getting some of 
the most lame cars available on the planet Earth (I don't see why people 
love Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and Ford Taurus) and missing out some 
of the greatest cars. By the way, this is my opinion alone...

4WDers that is (was) available (I won't mention Audi since we all know 
they got 4WD one way or the other; and no mini-vans or SUVs):

BMW 325ix (or model name somewhere thereof): quite a small car, under 
powered and quite able to produce one hell of a ride noise (bad 
insolation?) and harsh ride (even by my standard). Discontinued.

MB 300E 4Matic: overpriced and underpowered, the part-time 4WD has 
disadvantage of both 4WD (the weight and fuel penalty) and 2WD (which it 
is driven most of the time). Discontinued but may be back in several 
years in the new guise.

GMC Typhoon (etc.): horrible idea (a truck!) -- would you want to caught 
dead in one of those?

Porsche Carrera 4 (etc.): nice (make that awesome) cars, except that they 
get TOO much attention from unwanted peoples (cops).

Mitsubishi Eclips/Eagle Talon/Stealth/3000GT: somewhat nice (and even 
nicer if you plan to overboost). But something about them leaves me 
cold... For Stealth and 3000GTO -- they're huge and so gimmicky.

Shoogati EB110: can you afford it?

Lambo Diablo VT: ditto.

Subarus: solid, long-lasting, cheap (also the me-too looking, too). The 
SVX sounds nice but speed demons would stay away. Most are somewhat 
underpowered (okay, some are decent -- they can go head-to-head with some 

What are we missing in U.S.?

Many high-powered Audis: RSx, RSx Avant, A6 4.2, A8 (oh, it's possible 
that this is going to be scratched from this list), and lotza others

All 4WD Alfa: technically competent 4WD system mated to good engine 

Nissan Skyline: marvelous stuff.

4WD Lancias: unique looking (in U.S. terms, that is).

Subaru WRX: if Subaru U.S. sells these, I would surely get one.

Toyota GT-Four: this, too.

Porsche 959/961: forget these. There's one legally in U.S. Bill also 
tried to smuggle one in?

Ford Cosworth things: well, it's by Ford...

Renault: little bit small...

Well, better shut up before going too much...

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