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Re: Audi Coupe Questions: To buy?

Roadside Attraction sez:
> No kidding! I must say Americans (hey -- that's us!!) are getting some of 
> the most lame cars available on the planet Earth (I don't see why people 
> love Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and Ford Taurus) and missing out some 
> of the greatest cars. By the way, this is my opinion alone...


> BMW 325ix (or model name somewhere thereof): quite a small car, under 
> powered and quite able to produce one hell of a ride noise (bad 
> insolation?) and harsh ride (even by my standard). Discontinued.

BMW just sent me a promo package, and the 4WD option is listed.  Also
rumored to be available in a new sport version next year.

> Subarus: solid, long-lasting, cheap (also the me-too looking, too). The 
> SVX sounds nice but speed demons would stay away. Most are somewhat 
> underpowered (okay, some are decent -- they can go head-to-head with some 
> minivans).

SVX is auto-only, but an interesting car otherwise.  It's got a boxer six
up front!

> Ford Cosworth things: well, it's by Ford...

A shop in LA-LA land is bringing these in now...

Also, the Acura NSX is now, or will be next year (rumor) available in AWD.

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