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Re: Sticky Rear Brake on TCQ

"I don't thnk it's the cable, although I need on of those to.
When you hammer the e-brake lever back and forth, you have to
HAMMER it back and forth.  I may be wrong.  More importantly...

I just called Carlson Audi and paid $50 for a rebuild kit, 
whats the deal?  Where did you get your rebuild kit?

paul t-"

Paul, That does sound kinda sticky! Lemme see if I've got this straight...
That spring doesn't come into play in normal service braking, so your caliper
only sticks when/after the E-brake is applied. I recall that on my 4000q that
spring for the cable is held on by a bolt into the caliper. Perhaps that bolt
could be removed/lubed/scraped and see if it improves. If not, you'll
probably need a replacement caliper. When I replaced my E-brake cables, that
spring was under tension and would return to it's rest position if I let off
it. Your's isn't under any spring pressure? The rebuild kit I spoke of is
just a seal kit, no hard parts. FWIW, I got it a Robbins A/P, Concord NH. The
spot that Glen and I are fond of! What did you get for your $50, hopefully
more than 3 rubbers! 

-Chris Semple
'83 TQC

Ps:Are the manuals that you have for the TQC the ones that are titled
Quattro Introductory Service Training Info, the three manaul set? I've got
those, but am always on the lookout for something better!