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Intercooler tricks/LRP

>>How about using an extra windshield washer
>>bottle and rigging up a couple of sprayers.
>>I think this is twenty dollars without the
>>siphon valve (assuming junk yard parts).

That's the trick I saw on the Anderson Bros TQC at Lime Rock! Due to the
moody nature of TQCs, I never got to see that car run the circuit, perhaps
Dan or Nick got to see that white car cut a few laps on Mon morning? I sat in
that car before it went on the trailer and noticed he had the intercooler
sprayer wired into the windshield washer relay. Kent commented that he wasn't
sure if it made any difference in times/temp, but it sure looked trick! I
also looked over his neatly modified diff lock panel. Anybody else use that
trick? I saw prolly four other cars with that mod, so I may consider it.
Can't afford the ABT pod anyway.....

I also took note of probably the most beatiful TQC I've seen(caveat: I
haven't seen Glen's '85 in the sunlight yet :)  ) Gary Palumbo's restored '83
in Amazon Blue. Gary said it's an original '83 factory option colour. I
hadn't see it before and can only inadaquately describe it as a deep sea
grey/blue. Beautiful!

Enough rambling! I had fun observing and got some great ideas as well as

-Chris Semple