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Re: Help, Shifter Rod Bushing

"I have been trying to track down a bushing for the
shifter connector rod.  This is a six inch long rod that 
connects the main shifter rod to the transmission housing.
It provides for proper pivotoing of the main rod for
selecting, say, reverse or 5th.  I can't select either of these.
The dealer wants to sell me the whole rod for $46 dollars.
The bushing is a ten cent part.  Anyone have a good source?
Anyone know about part commonality for this piece?"

Paul, I've been playing the shifter game with several 4000qs lately and can
spill what I learned....

I needed the same bushings for an '84 and my parts man said that they *were*
available solo, but that has since gone NLA. He said to get the whole rod,
which I ended up doing. I did purchase, just for kicks, the bushings for the
long rod going from trans to shifter. They were $4, so I thought I'd keep 'em
on the shelf before they went NLA also. I couldn't tell you if they cross to
another VW/Audi product, but you might bag a better example of your rod from
any 4000q or VW Synchro. I believe it's called the "fine adjustment rod".

Oh, and congratulations on an excellent color choice! :)

-Chris Semple
'83 TQC plain ole white