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Re: Puzzle: Oil Burning 4Kcsq

" He has a 4kcsq with
286K on the clock.  He lost his cooling system a while
back and didn't get it stopped in time.  He had head
warpage at that time.  The oil heated and foamed as well,
so he says.  Anyhow he lost oil pressure.  After getting
it all put back together, he now has hydraulic valve clatter
which last much longer than ussual, and has progressively 
higher oil consumption.  Now up to 150 miles / quart!
Compression is at 170 for all five cylinders.  No blow
by is noted with the fill cap off.  "

Paul, Out of curiousity, I'd throw an oil pressure gauge on that motor. Even
if he replaced the oil pump, the pressure at the head may not be sufficient.
I wouldn't worry about the valve clatter much, if the valve train is still
original at 286K, the cam's probably flat anyway! Your buddy had the head
milled/crack checked while apart, right? I'm wondering about the compression
reading, Bentley lists the range as being 130-173psi. He got 170 out of all 5
cyls at 286K? Perhaps oil is "assisting" the rings in sealing the cyl walls?
150 miles per quart has gotta go somewhere, it should be readily apparent if
it's burning off/leaking out. Has he checked the coolant for foaming?

Glad it's not mine!
-Chris Semple
'84 4000q, 241K