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OBDC & Antenna

Whenever you folks get info on where to protest the OBDC< I'm waiting 
for the info.  I think it's inexcusable to contemplate a modification 
which would 1) make it impractical for owners to work on their cars, 
and 2)  which would result in significant price increases without a 
significant increase in emissions control.  IMHO, *NEW* cars are 
already so darn clean that we ought to turn our attention elsewhere.
(Awright, awright, IMVHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  V=very)

Got a couple of interesting notes about radio antennas.  One very 
intriguing idea is to try a cellular phone antenna for the radio to 
eliminate the in-the-glass type, of which my low opinion has been 

Another is to check the leads.  Mike LaRosa has two 89's, and one of 
them has separate AM and FM antenna connections - evidently like some 
other models mentioned today.  He says the rear glass has the AM 
antenna, and he recommends checking to make sure it's intact and 

Thanks for the sugestions.  I will check things out, and will 
probably try the cellular antenna idea.  It's just wacky enuf to 
work, even if the antenna wavelength may not be ideal.

Besides - then I could have a higher caliber of burglar casing my 
car!!  Wow!!!

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