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EPA & Password

First - I'd like the password, too, please.

Second - 
About the EPA - what frosts my proverbial cookies about the whole EPA 
situation is not the intent - which I think is laudable - but that 
what the agency is actually tasked with doing has been shaped much 
more by politics than logic.  And I think we're all fully frustrated 
with the idiocy which passes for "formulating policy" in DC these 
days, regardless of our party affiliation.

Car exhausts now are SO clean that there are much more productive 
places to concentrate.  Like used cars and heavy polluting cars.  
Anyone else read the whole string of editorials, columns and articles 
in C & Driver magazine exploring how bad cars OTHER than new ones 
pollute?  Look at the just-mentioned example of pollution sources in 
MX City.....  But this doesn't matter.  Let's whip on the auto 
industry.  Electric cars?  My a**.  They are not ABOUT to be able to 
sell those 80-mile crusing range, $15,000 roller skates.

Second, I do not have a high regard for *SOME* (not all) of the folks 
who work for EPA, for two reasons:

1)  Some of them are the anal, bean-counting bureaucrats we all hate 
who would bankrupt a country to maintain the standards on paper clip 
coatings in "paragraph 2 slash 3 dot 1-A"...(old story)
2)  Some others are hypocrites.  I worked on a project during which I 
gave a lift in a state van to number of people, including one EPA 
administrator who was explaining to the car full of people about how
their Rabbit burned-out the cat. converter, so they just installed 
a straight pipe.  I wanted SO BADLY to turn around and burn this 
a**hole down, but for business reasons I could not afford to.  Wish 
I had their home address....

What it takes to get regulations which make sense, and to give those 
tasked with enforcing them room to use human judgement, I don't know.

Actual Audi content:  I just hope that the upcoming regs don't make 
it impossible for me to do my own work, because as much as I enjoy 
Audis, when I have to take them to a dealer for work, I'll have driven 
my last one.  I can't afford that routine.

Thanks for listening....

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