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Windshield washer pump, high beam switch

Coupla things ...

On my '88 5kS, the windshield washer pump is dying.  Seems like a
straightforward job, but is there anything tricky about this that I
should know about?  Also, what's the best (cheapest, fastest) source
for buying the pump?

Also, my high beam switch no longer will stay in its normal position;
it always wants to drop down to the high beam position.  I know this
was a topic of a recent thread here and I noted the information about
where to get a switch assembly cheaply.  I'm guessing that replacement
is the only real recourse here, since no one volunteered a procedure
for fixing the problem without replacing the switch, but if I'm wrong
about this, please let me know.  Also, a la the first question, is
there anything particularly tricky about replacing the switch that I
should know about?

BTW, my stopgap solution to this problem is to slide a fuse pulling
tool (the slender tapering things with notches at the end that you use
to pull fuses out of their slots) behind the switch to prop it back
into its normal position.  It sometimes falls out after lots of turn
signaling, but generally doesn't work too badly.  My fuse puller has 
kind of a corrugated outer surface on the tapered end that helps keep 
it in place.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

- Dick Creps
  Manassas, VA