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RE: TQC electrical anomalies

   Both of your experiences sound familiar. I have had similar occurances with 
   my 83 TQC in the past. The problem seems to be with the electrical system. 
   electrical problems. Check out the archives for these posts. Also make sure 
   you are getting good grounds on all the ground points on the engine and 
   body. Best of luck.

Oh yeah, those ****ing grounds! There is a "star" ground (i.e., a whole
bunch of ground wires coming together) right by the coil in the engine
compartment. Cut off the old lug, strip and crimp and solder to a new
lug, clean the metal part of the bracket to shiny new metal, and bolt
it all back. Ditto the ground connection that runs to the top of the
engine assembly.

Man, that was an insidious one!