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Schrappnel Knobben(tm) parts

   >Did I mention I found a source of 0-30 psi
   >adjustable regulators for only $5.50?
   >They are used but in good shape, have one in
   >and two out ports, thus allowing a guage to
   >be mounted.  Shall I organize a buy?

I would be very very cautious about using a 0-30 regulator, as "30" is
way *way* *WAY* too high, and you won't have all-that-fine-a-tune around
the 5psi that you want . . .

I got my multi-turn 0-10psi regulator from an outfit called Surplus Center
(Thanks to whoever first mentioned them to this list!), (800) 488-3407,
"Item 4-994B" (page 140 catalog #268), $7.99 each. It seems to be a pretty
sturdy little unit, although I'm still not sure how/where I will ultimately
mount the sucker, as it wants a 1 3/16 panel hole (the whole regulator as-
sembly is not much bigger than the hole it fits in!). One neat feature of
this "surplus brand new" regulator is a little locking ring on the adjust
knobben . . . for $7.99, you'll spend more on the 1/8 pipe fittings and
vacuum tubing etc. to get it all working!

   While I'm on the subject; has anyone thought about tying an adjustable
   boost control either to a timer or a WOT switch.  The idea would be to
   allow an extra level of boost for only a short time.  I have heard of this
   being done, I think by Volvo???, and it seems like an interesting idea.
   This should be possible to do with a solenoid on the regulator.

'Twould probably be easier to use a "SPDT" air valve and switch the regu-
lator between manifold and atmosphere. The "cutback" would be a little

   I have read many emails about the ECU shutting off the motor when the
   programmed boost level is exceeded.  Does it do this the same way that it
   does its 4000 rpm shut off, by killing the fuel pump?  Before I had access


   to this list, I encountered the dreaded 4000 rpm problem and developed a
   simple workaround (haven't we all).  I wired a relay sensing lead to the
   battery idiot light, and its contacts across the existing fuel pump relay.
   Now, whenever the engine is running, the added relay keeps it that way.
   Before starting, or if it stalls, the existing ECU controls (and
   safeguards) are in effect, so all I've lost is the over-rev protection at
   6000 rpm.  With my new info, I intend to fix the 4000 rpm problem properly,
   but the circuit may still be useful to allow occasional overboosting.

   ... comments?

I was cursing "the stupid computer" for cutting out at 12psi even though I
"was sure I had reprogrammed it for 15". I was getting *REALLY* frustrated!
I finally put a second pressure gauge on the line, and lo, my damn shiny
new VDO boost gauge was pegging itself at 11psi or so, and the computer was
cutting out at 15-16psi boost! THANK YOU NICE COMPUTER! (I shudder to think
what I might have done without any computer cutout in a moment of frustra-
tion and an angry twist of a 0-30psi regulator...). Caveat Emptor fer sur!