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Re: Schrappnel Knobben(tm) parts


>Did I mention I found a source of 0-30 psi
>adjustable regulators for only $5.50?
>They are used but in good shape, have one in
>and two out ports, thus allowing a guage to
>be mounted.  Shall I organize a buy?

I don't know when I'll get around to using it, but it sounds too
interesting to pass up.  Count me in.

While I'm on the subject; has anyone thought about tying an adjustable
boost control either to a timer or a WOT switch.  The idea would be to
allow an extra level of boost for only a short time.  I have heard of this
being done, I think by Volvo???, and it seems like an interesting idea.
This should be possible to do with a solenoid on the regulator.

I have read many emails about the ECU shutting off the motor when the
programmed boost level is exceeded.  Does it do this the same way that it
does its 4000 rpm shut off, by killing the fuel pump?  Before I had access
to this list, I encountered the dreaded 4000 rpm problem and developed a
simple workaround (haven't we all).  I wired a relay sensing lead to the
battery idiot light, and its contacts across the existing fuel pump relay.
Now, whenever the engine is running, the added relay keeps it that way.
Before starting, or if it stalls, the existing ECU controls (and
safeguards) are in effect, so all I've lost is the over-rev protection at
6000 rpm.  With my new info, I intend to fix the 4000 rpm problem properly,
but the circuit may still be useful to allow occasional overboosting.

... comments?

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ