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Boosting Engines

	   speaking of which, I recall hearing about the boost upgrade with 
   a cheap pressure regulator - did this function as planned? What kind of 

The problem with "cheap" is, as dear ole Mom says: "You pay for what you
get; if you're lucky you get what you pay for" . . .

   safety features am I loosing? Estimated HP?
       Thanks for the info on the mod

   So there you have it - sin, confession, redemption. 


	   I haven't done it yet, but the cheapo mod that forgoes
	   ned's ignition advance is the pressure regulator feeding
	   into the high side of the wasste gate to act as a cockpit
	   adjustable "air spring" and a clamp circuit on around
	   the pressure transducer in the computer.  Cost?  <$50
	   HP, that depends upon the guts or stupididty of the 
	   guy trurning the screw :-).  I am thinking about a knock
	   sensor alarm to help detect when I overdo it.

If y'all'll hold your horses, I'll be eventually posting more-or-less
complete info on said upgrade for '83 UrQ (ECU mods specific to the
UrQ-genre MAC-02 ECU, but probably enough info for the creatively-
nerdistic of you lot to identify the appropriate info in at least some
of the later MAC-xx series of ECUs).

I will post it when *I* am ready (which means when *I* think I have it,
if not "right", at least "accurate"), which probably won't be for at
least a few weeks yet (pesky work commitments, ad nauseum). But I do
have definite positive "Proof of Concept" currently roaming the highways
and byways of the Royal Duchy [of Massachusetts, for those of you far
enough away to not have to know about it]. But still some "kinks" that
need "straightening" . . .