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RE: TQC electrical anomalies

Gerry and Mike,

Both of your experiences sound familiar. I have had similar occurances with 
my 83 TQC in the past. The problem seems to be with the electrical system. 
In no particular order check out the following:

fuse box : if you still have the original fuse box(consider yourself lucky), 
change it for a later revision which is updated. The new one seems to be 
more robust and problem free.

electrical portion of ignition switch : these have been known to wear out 
and create some wierd electrical gremlins. When you turn the key off to 
restart the car, things magically seem to fix themselves.

ignition control unit : this is a small elelctrical box above the passenger 
side glove box with a 7 pin connector. These are sometimes flakey, when I 
changed mine out many problems went away.

Over time I replaced all of the above (and much more), and my electrical 
problems disapeared for a couple of years. In addition you might also 
consider some electrical wiring mods which can only help your problems. RDH 
has written what amounts to a journal artical on how to fix early TQC 
electrical problems. Check out the archives for these posts. Also make sure 
you are getting good grounds on all the ground points on the engine and 
body. Best of luck.

Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
83 TQC - lhasa green and back in the garage awaiting 200 transplant
86 coupe GT