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Quattro Club of Colorado Inaugural Meeting

Attention Audi enthusiasts:

The Colorado chapter of the Quattro Club USA is being formed. Mark you
calenders and plan on attending the first  meeting on Thursday September
7, 1995 in Denver, CO.  The meeting site is Meadow Creek Tire Warehouse
at 1917 Chestnut Place, right next to Coors Field (no game that night). 
and beverages will be provided by Meadow Creek Tire. The munchies will
begin at 6:00 PM and the presentation at 7:00 PM.

Some planned topics include what you, as Quattro Club members, would like
from a local Quattro Club chapter. Bring along some ideas for future 
and activities. Another topic will be a description and explanation of what
happens at a quattro club autocross event.  There will also be a discussion
about the Steamboat Ice Driving School.

The meeting is open to everyone. If you know someone perhaps interested
in the Quattro Club please let them know about the meeting. Come on out and
meet some fellow quattro owners and enthusiasts. Your participation, ideas
and suggestions are needed to ensure the success of the Quattro Club of
Colorado. We look forward to your comments and hope you can attend
the inaugural meeting.

For more information about the Quattro Club of Colorado or to get on the 
clubs mailing list contact Deborah Polich at (970) 668-5500 ext 13 or send 
me an e-mail
at the address below.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com