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Re: Wastegate Port / Control

   I see a vacuum port to the upper side of the wastegate on my TQC.
   It is open to the atmosphere.  The car runns great.  Should there
   be a hose to this port?  If it is unused, it offers an alternative
   to wastegate springs as a boost controling mechanism.  A fertile
   mind could easily do control via manifold pressure modulation.
   I know some OEM applications that do electronic boost control via
   this method.

That's exactly what I'm trying now -- running manifold boost through
air pressure regulator to wastegate "atmospheric reference" port...
Instant Dial-a-Boost aka Der ShrapnelKnobben...once I get the bloody
ECU to quit shutting the engine off!!!

The really nice idea about that approach vs "spring" is that a 15psi
spring still only gives you 15psi above ambient vacuum (atop Pike's
Peak, for example), whereas with Der ShrapnelKnobben, you just crank
it up to 20psi and you're "back to 2.0 bar". Of course, it would be
nice if the computer would do this for you automatically . . .