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(Fwd) one light on DIFFS

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Subject: one light on DIFFS 
From: cngnyec 
   As far as I know, 83 might have been a transition year regarding one
position or two position diff lock.  If one pos., both diff lights should
light up.  If not, the simple reason is bad bulb/wiring or bad switch.  If
you have a sensitive ear/butt, you may be able to tell if both diffs are
locking by the amount of scrub, especially if ou've had other Q's with dual
lock ups.  The diff sending switch looks very similar to reverse switch,
large aluminum hex head with two electrical tabs.  Locations are the rear
dif drivers side and tranny middle to pass side.  When I bought my car both
lights always engaged and disengaged simultaneously.  This almost never is
the case, sure enough, some unethical mechanic had cross wired both bulbs
to one sender.  $25 later I had replaced the bad switch and both work fine.
Good Luck